The Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal

I’ve recently started to play with bullet journaling. In one form or another, I’ve kept journals for most of my life. A dream journal where I would wake up in the morning and write down all the dreams I could remember. A journal for things in my brain (a brain dump)...

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Journaling Simplified

Journaling is personal. It’s alone time. Solution oriented. Mind clearing. Creative making. Fun loving. Satisfying. And healing. Healing to body, mind and soul.   The journal keeping process is simple. You need only a notebook and writing instrument, the rest is...

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3 Reasons to Daydream

What is daydreaming anyway?
It’s a visualization really. You might close your eyes, or not, then follow a thought, wish or problem, letting your thoughts wander in a meandering sort of way. One thought leading to the next, not pushing, not directing. Dreaming of how things could unfold.

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The Art of Journaling

Recently Heather Shafer invited me to blog for her at To Live Inspired. Heather is a Goddess Year participant and a favorite inspired friend. She blogs about living inspired, empowered and creatively. Heather is a certified Dream Coach and an Inspiration/Authentic...

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