Want to know how to make your dreams work for you?

A journal is a must for writing down all your dreams. After a week or 2 you will begin to notice patterns. Your sub-conscious has been giving you messages for years. Keeping a dream journal will begin to help you understand the messages.

  1. Before you go to bed, intend to dream.
  2. Intend to remember your dreams.
  3. Keep a (working) pen and notebook or journal next to your bed
  4. When you wake from a dream, write down everything you can remember even if it’s the middle of the night.
  5. Before you fall asleep, ask yourself questions you want an answer to. Keep it simple and only ask 1 or 2 questions per night. Expect answers when you wake up. The answers will be in the dreams so write all you can remember down.
  6. Practice! The more writing you do the more help you will get. You need to exercise that dream muscle.
  7. Clear your mind and relax before bed. Meditate, deep breath, have a warm bath or write all your concerns down in a journal, that way you go to sleep with a clear mind.
  8. Understand we all get dream “dry spells.” Don’t get worried or anxious if you don’t remember your dreams but you should write in your journal or notebook anyway. Put a date and record that you didn’t remember any dreams.
  9. Notice patterns. After you have several dreams written down, look and see if there are any patterns to your dreams.
  10. You are everything and everyone in your dream! Your dreams are all about you. When trying to figure out what message a dream has for you, try to understand what the images mean for you.
  11. Illustrate or make art from your dreams. You could doodle, paint cut and paste, scribble a color or make a collage, there is something magic that happens when you take a dream and create art from it. Follow your intuition but you don’t need to make art from every dream just do 1 or 2 a week if you can.

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