You’re busy and who really has time to just sit around?

You do! Because daydreaming will inspire you.

What is daydreaming anyway?

It’s a visualization really. You might close your eyes, or not, then follow a thought, wish or problem, letting your thoughts wander in a meandering sort of way. One thought leading to the next, not pushing, not directing. Dreaming of how things could unfold.

Your brain, in this relaxed state, will take over and allow your thinking to expand in crazy, unbelievable ways. In that “out there” thought process, solutions, ideas and creativity blossom.

Daydreaming helps you to:

be creative, develop new ideas and be more productive.

Your brain loves to think and by allowing it time to elaborate on ideas, you’re building new brain power, which means your ideas become super charged. You see, having one idea is okay, but it’s thinking of many ideas that makes the difference. Quantity counts because weaving different ideas together seems to encourage your creativity.

relax, reduce stress and helps you forget about problems.

By thinking of something- like taking a trip or having fun with a friend and visualizing possible scenarios- your mind can temporarily escape from stressful situations. Daydreaming gives your brain some rest from the stress! And that’s healthy for you.

problem solve, find solutions and answer questions.

Daydreaming gives you a chance to play out possibilities and see solutions. In a daydreaming state, you can develop strategies for problem-solving in a different way.

You can test your solutions and see the possible outcomes. This preplanning helps you decide which solution might work best for your problem.

Here’s the cool part, you don’t even have to be thinking or conscious of what’s happening, it’s best if you just let go and drift off into your daydream. You may be surprised by what you discover.

So pull up a chair and gaze out the window for some old-fashioned daydreaming and a more creative, relaxed and problem free you.

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