Hello, I’m Stacy, Welcome!

One day, when my own life was unraveling, I realized, no matter how hard we try, there’s no way to control life. The best we can do is accept it.

Life is quirky, unruly, wild, and unexpected. Now, I embrace those moments, they’re what make life beautiful. They are imperfectly perfect.

How do you learn to accept the twists and turns of your life?

Well, it’s a process and a little bit of work, not hard but it does require active participation. Can you do it? Yes, you can, I’m living proof. You need to learn to “lean into” whatever life throws at you. The best process I found is Art Journaling and Bullet Journaling (BuJo), and that’s what this website is all about.

Everything here is about making positive growth – not blaming, pointing fingers, or negative talk. No one needs more negative. Nothing icky or overwhelming.

Just pure fun. I shy away from rules and anything that requires perfection because perfect is a trap, a conundrum really, the more perfect you try to be the more perfect you need to be. It’s a lot of work, the type of work that is never ending and exhausting. Who needs that?

What you’ll find here are exercises, experiments, thoughts, ideas and creative ways to keep journals.

Be warned, these things may make you more creative, happy, and relaxed.

You’ll also find community, a place to share with like minds, ask for help, and make friends.

Are you ready to start your journal?


“Stacy provides soulful yet practical practices to go back to again and again and a gentle and loving community.”


“Stacy is amazing! She is always kind and patient, and also intelligent, sharp, and highly perceptive. I recommend her without hesitation!”


“…just great support and a sense of ease to move me forward when I am ready. Thanks Stacy!”


“I also adore you, and find you so gentle and inclusive and you just make those around you feel good about themselves. And that is a gift.”


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