Daydreaming is becoming a lost art.

We are all so busy multitasking it seems we don’t have the time anymore.

But daydreaming is healthy.

It helps each of us clarify what we want in our life and discover things we love.

Dreaming of great possibilities is good for your brain too.

I challenge you to find 10 minutes this week for a daydream.

Then write down what you dreamed about.

10 Things to dream about

  1. A better way to do something.
  2. Way to make other income.
  3. Where you might want to travel.
  4. Being famous.
  5. How you might write a book.
  6. Something fun you have never done.
  7. Having an adventure, whatever that might mean for you.
  8. What you would do if money were no object.
  9. Discovering what your bliss is.
  10. How to make your dream come true.

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