Journaling is personal.
It’s alone time.
Solution oriented.
Mind clearing.
Creative making.
Fun loving.
And healing.
Healing to body, mind and soul.


The journal keeping process is simple. You need only a notebook and writing instrument, the rest is up to you and your imagination.

As for me, I love texture and color so, I tend to make my journals visual or art journals. Not that I’m an artist, it’s just that images and the included art feels good to me.

It means I add stuff to the pages of my journals like; magazine cutouts (words, numbers, pictures), paint, stamps, ribbons, buttons, pieces of my life, washi tape, and strange things I find in recycling bins.

I buy postcards, write all over the blank spots and tape them in my journal

and do the same with those greeting cards with fun sayings on them or great pictures.

There are those who might think I have an addiction, I might agree.

I began journaling at a time in my life when things seemed uncertain and I was having crazy, vivid dreams.

All I did was get up in the morning and write down anything I remembered from my dreaming. Looking back at the written history showed me how issues were resolved.

I don’t like things too rigid, sometimes all I had handy was a blank sheet of paper and crayons, so I wrote with those. I then stapled the loose paper into my notebook later. The uneven and unexpected lines of my journal made me love it more.

One time, when we were moving, I needed to get rid of magazines but they had pictures and ideas I wanted to keep. I cut out the things I liked and glued them in my journal.

When we moved I packed my journals in a box.

Once in our new place, I started a new notebook because I wanted a fresh start. My box of old journals stayed unopened in the back of my closet.

A few years later we bought some new furniture. When I was cleaning I found my box of old journals in my closet. It felt like I found a long lost friend. I dug through the old journal with the magazine pictures in it.

To my surprise, I found my new furniture glued to the pages. This was long before The Secret and vision boards. I had no explanation, but there it was in a journal that was 4 years old.

Maybe I remembered that furniture I cut out a few years earlier but it’s doubtful since I often forget to do laundry and pick up eggs at the grocery store.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized, journaling had been a lifeline for me. I discovered healing happened on those pages, even though I was not aware of it at the time.

Perhaps the most interesting, many things I hoped for or dreamed of, actually came true.

Journaling is like a map. Write down your dreams and you know which direction to go, even if you don’t remember what you have written.

I’m guessing journaling works because we set an intention with our words and the unseen energy forces swiftly pick it up.

Or maybe our unconscious mind plays a big role, working on our problems even though we are not aware of it. Whatever it is, journaling works – I have years of history to prove it.

It’s your turn, what have you discovered in your journals? Share with us in the comments below.

If you don’t use a written or visual journal, would you start now?

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts,


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